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Erol Gelenbe is funded by the H2020 Projects KONFIDO (2016-2019) and GHOST (2017-2010). In 2018 he starts the H2020 Project SK4EDT (2018-2020) and SerIoT (2018-2020). He coordinated the EU FP7 Project NEMESYS on the Security of Mobile Networks. He was PI for Imperial College in the EU FP 7 Project PANACEA on Resilient Cloud Computing, and the EPSRC Project E-CROPS regarding energy harvesting in communication networks.

His research develops probability models in the computer and information sciences and applies them to the design of novel networked systems. He has contributed seminal work on the performance of random access multi-user communications, on diffusion models of multiprogramming systems, on the adaptive control and performance of virtual memory systems, on optimum checkpoints in databases, on the evaluation of database operations, and has introduced new product form queueing network models that incorporate control functions (such as workload re-routing and work remobal) now called G-networks. His work on models of spiked neurons has resulted in the design of a large scale "autonomic" packet network (CPN: the cognitive packet network) which uses neural networks in each node for routing decisions ( He also investigates equilibria in large agent populations which may have collaborative or adversarial behaviours, as in biology or with software agents. Some of his recent work analyses the time that it takes to "search" when one has imperfect or wrong information about the location of the object that is being sought; this is relevant both to wireless networks, to robotics and to optimisation.


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Guest Lectures

Invited Talk: Dynamic Energy Management with/for Smart ICT, EPSRC ICEP 2012 Conference, Imperial College, London, 2012

Opening Keynote: Sensors in cyber-physical emergency systems, IET WSS 2012 Conference, London, UK, 2012

Invited Lecture: Towards a Greener Self-Aware Internet, Green IT Workshop, SICSA 2011 Conference, University of Edinburgh, UK, 2011

Opening Keynote: Steps Toward Self-Aware Networks, 10th IEEE CIT 2010, Bradford University, UK

Opening Keynote: Improving QoS through Network Real-Time Measurement and Self-Adaptation, 23rdAnnual IEEE AINA Conference, Bradford University, UK, 2009

Opening Keynote: Networks in Emergency Cyber-Physical-Human Systems, IEEE ICCCN 2012 Conference, Bundeswehr University, Munich, Germany, 2014

Opening Keynote: Energy Packet Networks: Modeling Smart Electricity Storage to Meet Surges in Demand, ACM SIMUTOOLS Conference, 2012, Desenzano, Italy, 2014

Opening Keynote: Energy Packet Networks: Adaptive Energy Management for the Cloud, ACM/EuroSys Cloud Computing Conference 2012, Bern, Switzerland, 2012

Networks of Networks in the Digital Society, Keynote, NetO'Nets Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 2012

CPN, a smart routing protocol for networks using “smart packets”, IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecturer, Orono, Maine, 2013

Energy Aware Computer Systems and Networks, IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecture, Montreal, Canada, 2013

Energy Aware Computer Systems and Networks, IEEE Distinguished Lecture of the Communication Society, Ottawa, Canada, 2013

Networks of Networks in the Digital Society, UCF Orlando CECS-CS Division Distinguished Lecture, Orlando, FL, USA, 2012

The Complex Economic Networks of the Digital Society, International Workshop on Trends and Challenges in Networking, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 2014

Prometheus Theme Lecture "Big Data for Bioinformatics", Li Ka Shing Foundation Conference for the "best senior high school students from all over China ", Shantou, China, 2013

Opening Keynote: Quality of Information and Energy Provisioning, The 5th Intl. W’shop on Information Quality and Quality of Service, San Diego, CA, USA, 2013

Steps Toward Self-Aware Networks, Polish Acad. Sci.: Conf. on Comp. Networks, June 18, 2013,, Gliwice, Poland, 2014

Trade-offs between Energy and Performance in Computer Systems and Networks, UK Performance Evaluation Workshop, Loughborough University, 2013

New routing controls to reduce data centre energy consumption, TTI Vanguard, Vienna, Austria, 2013

Plenary, 9th Bi-Annual ISAAC Congress on Mathematics, Cracow, Poland, Krakow, Poland, 2013

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Research Student Supervision

Hey,L, Laurence Hey. Simplified Adaptive Routing and its Impact on Quality of Service and Quality of Information. PhD thesis, Imperial College London, 2009.

Loukas,G, Defence Against Denial of Service in Self-Aware Networks. PhD thesis, Imperial College, University of London, 2006.

DESMET,A, Routing and guidance of evacuees: A reactive and proactive approach. Unpublished, 2014.