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My research focuses on the physics and properties of clouds, particularly on the role of particulate matter (such as dust and soot), known as aerosols, in determining the properties of clouds.  As human activities have modified the properties of clouds by increasing the amount of aerosol in the atmosphere, so a major part of my work involves quantifying how these human-caused changes in cloud properties affect the climate. 

2 PhD studentships available

I am currently looking for two PhD students to join a project investigating the impact of shipping aerosol on cloud properties. As large isolated sources of aerosol, ships provide an ideal ‘experiment’ into cloud processes, allowing the detectyion of even very subtle changes in cloud properties.

One of these will focus on convective clouds and is available immediately, with a start date as conventient. The second will investigate the impact of aerosols on mixed-phase clouds in the Arctic, with a proposed start date of October 2020.

You will have considerable freedom to choose the pathway of the project, including using atmospheric models and working with industry. Please contact me for more information using the email address on this page.

Further details are available on the space and atmospheric physics webpage, with project descriptions here: convective clouds (pdf), mixed-phase and Arctic clouds (pdf)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Gryspeerdt E, Smith T, O'Keeffe E, et al., 2019, The impact of ship emission controls recorded by cloud properties, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol:46, ISSN:0094-8276, Pages:12547-12555

Sourdeval O, Gryspeerdt E, Krämer M, et al., 2018, Ice crystal number concentration estimates from lidar–radar satellite remote sensing – Part 1: Method and evaluation, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Vol:18, ISSN:1680-7316, Pages:14327-14350

Gryspeerdt E, Quaas J, Ferrachat S, et al., 2017, Constraining the instantaneous aerosol influence on cloud albedo, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol:114, ISSN:1091-6490, Pages:4899-4904

Gryspeerdt E, Quaas J, Bellouin N, 2016, Constraining the aerosol influence on cloud fraction, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, Vol:121, ISSN:2169-897X, Pages:3566-3583

More Publications