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I am now a co-founder and the Chief Science Officer of Count, a tech start-up based in London (with Oli Pike), however retain a connection with the Plasma Group as an Academic Visitor.

Prior to that I did my PhD at Imperial with Steve Rose, followed by four years as a post-doc before taking up a JRF (now Reserch Fellowship) at Imperial in 2015.

My research focussed on High Energy Density plasma spectroscopy

- Theoretical and computational atomic physics and kinetics and the design of atomic physics codes

- Modelling short pulse laser plasma experiments - PIC/hydrodynamics, ionisation and radiation transport, GPU computing

- Electron-positron production in High Energy Density Physics experiments

- Novel methods of diagnosing/pumping HEDP experiments

- Astrophysical plasmas

- Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) plasmas

which I performed predominantly in and with the HEDP group. A list of publications from during my time at Imperial (and more recently) can be found below.

Plasma Seminar Series

I used to organise the external seminars for the plasma group, for a list of past and future seminars see here


During my time at Imperial I taught 3rd year synoptic paper tutorials for 3 years, obtaining a FoNS prize for Excellence in Teaching. I also talked in schools about fusion.

This is a link to a ~12 minute segment on the US public radio show 'Science Friday' where I discuss the photon-photon collider paper (Pike OJ, Mackenroth F, Hill EG, Rose SJ 2014 below)



Wood JC, Chapman DJ, Poder K, et al., 2018, Ultrafast imaging of laser driven shock waves using Betatron x-rays from a laser Wakefield accelerator, Scientific Reports, Vol:8, ISSN:2045-2322

White S, Irwin R, Warwick R, et al., 2018, Production of photoionized plasmas in the laboratory using X-ray line radiation, Physical Review E, Vol:97, ISSN:1539-3755

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Hoarty DJ, Sircombe N, Beiersdorfer P, et al., 2017, Modelling K shell spectra from short pulse heated buried microdot targets, High Energy Density Physics, Vol:23, ISSN:1574-1818, Pages:178-183

Hoarty DJ, Hill EG, Beiersdorfer P, et al., 2017, Measurements of plasma spectra from hot dense elements and mixtures at conditions relevant to the solar radiative zone, Aip Conference Proceedings, Vol:1811, ISSN:1551-7616

More Publications