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Joint Honours Group Project - BUSI96012


All students will contribute to a major Group Project which accounts for 25% of your year in management. Typically, the groups typically consists of 6 students. Each group will be supervised by a member of Imperial Business School’s academic staff; but not necessarily one who is involved in the formal teaching of the Joint Honours Programme. The Group Project occupies part of the Spring Term 2015 and all of the Summer Term 2015 culminating in a project presentation and the submission of a written project report in May 2015. 

During the Spring Term 2015 a Group Project Information Booklet will be distributed to all Joint Honours students. This document will provide more details about the preparation of the Group Project Outline and the deadline for its submission, the date and format of the Group Project Presentation, and how the Group Project Written Report should be presented and the deadline for its submission.  


The objectives of the different Group Projects may vary, but are likely to include some of the following:

an application of management techniques, principles or concepts to the analysis of a specific problem arising in some external organisation 

analysis of a particular industry or aspect of the economy 

further development of a generalised technique or model

a deeper understanding and explanation of the literature relating to a pertinent area of management, industry or the economy

further experience of working in a team and in the preparation of a major presentation and group written report

Throughout the programme, the importance of team working is constantly emphasised.  This final test should demonstrate this.  It is your responsibility to work together with your group to ensure that you all get the most out of it.  The academic staff will help, facilitate and finally judge your efforts.  However, the ultimate responsibility is your own.  A copy of your report should be submitted via the Hub  in word format as one document.


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