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Professor Erich A. Muller

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Professor of Thermodynamics



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Date Role
2012- Professor of Thermodynamics, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London
2005-2012 Reader in Thermodynamics, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London.
2002-2004 Head of Department, Departamento de Termodinámica, Universidad Simón Bolívar, (Venezuela).
1987-2004 Profesor Titular, Departamento de Termodinámica, Universidad Simón Bolívar, (Venezuela).
1996-2000 Director of UG and PG studies, Universidad Simón Bolívar, (Venezuela).
1995 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Cornell University (USA), Thesis title: "Molecular simulation of homogeneous and inhomogeneous associating fluids".
1986 M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (honor mention) , Universidad Simón Bolívar, (Venezuela).
1985 Chemical Engineer, (cum laude) Universidad Simón Bolívar, (Venezuela).

Research Interests

  • Molecular simulation of complex fluids (liquid crystals, asphaltenes, polymers, etc.) adsorption and interfacial phenomena (activated carbons, nanotubes, colloids).
  • Phase equilibria and thermophysical properties (VLE, supercritical fluids, etc.) bridging size scales from atomistic simulations to equation of state modelling (SAFT).
  • Focus on application to engineering and environmental problems and high performance computing for engineering.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Mueller EA, Mejia A, 2014, Resolving Discrepancies in the Measurements of the Interfacial Tension for the CO2 + H2O Mixture by Computer Simulation, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol:5, ISSN:1948-7185, Pages:1267-1271

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