Imperial College London

Dr Ed Roberts

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Brain Sciences

Honorary Research Fellow







10L18Charing Cross HospitalCharing Cross Campus





My research focuses on using neuroimaging, brain stimulation and behavioural experiments to investigate brain function in health and disease. I'm also interested in the relationship between brain structure and performance on different motor and cognitive tasks, and I have also examined the influence of the endocrine system in financial decision making. Currently my research involves investigating the cerebral cortical mechanisms involved in chronic dizziness.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Arshad Q, Nigmatullina Y, Bhrugubanda V, et al., 2013, Separate attentional components modulate early visual cortex excitability, Cortex, Vol:49, ISSN:0010-9452, Pages:2938-2940

Roberts RE, Curran HV, Friston KJ, et al., 2013, Abnormalities in White Matter Microstructure Associated with Chronic Ketamine Use, Neuropsychopharmacology, Vol:39, ISSN:0893-133X, Pages:329-338

Roberts RE, Bain PG, Day BL, et al., 2012, Individual differences in expert motor coordination associated with white matter microstructure in the cerebellum., Cerebral Cortex, Vol:23, ISSN:1460-2199, Pages:2282-2292

Roberts RE, Anderson EJ, Husain M, 2010, Expert Cognitive Control and Individual Differences Associated with Frontal and Parietal White Matter Microstructure, Journal of Neuroscience, Vol:30, ISSN:0270-6474, Pages:17063-17067

More Publications