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Firat Güder received his BSc (first division) from the University of New Brunswick, Canada in Computer Engineering. He studied Microsystems Engineering (MSc) at Furtwangen University, Germany and KU Leuven / IMEC, Belgium. Firat completed his PhD with summa cum laude at the University of Freiburg, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Margit Zacharias. His research primarily involved investigation of nanostructural transformations by atomic layer deposition, unconventional methods for photolithography and patterning, synthesis of nanomaterials and design and fabrication of sensors and actuators. In 2013, Firat was awarded the prestigious German Research Foundation’s International Research Fellowship to carry out research in the group of Prof. George Whitesides at Harvard University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. In 2016 Firat joined Imperial College London, Department of Bioengineering as a member of faculty (Lecturer – US equivalent Assistant Professor). 

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