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Dr Filippo Perbellini is a group leader in Prof Thomas Thum laboratory at the Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies (IMTTS) in Hannover Medical School (Germany). He is also an honorary research fellow at Imperial College London to strengthen and advance research activities.

Filippo studied Medical Biotechnologies in Milan University (Italy) and completed his PhD in Cardiovascular Science in 2014. In his PhD he worked under the supervision of Prof Kieran Clarke, Carolyn Carr and Giuseppe Faggian (Oxford University and Verona University) and investigated the effect of high fat diet on cardiac and adipose mesenchymal cells. From 2014 to 2018 Filippo was Post-doctoral Research Associate at Imperial College London, in Prof. Cesare M Terracciano’s laboratory, and he was part of the British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Centre. 

Dr Filippo Perbellini research interest is focused on myocardial slices: a multicellular preparation with preserved structural, biochemical and electrophysiological properties that can be prepared from small and large animals and from human samples (Watson et al., Nature Protocols 2017). He has been investigating: the effects of conductive polymers on myocardial tissue (Mawad et al., Sci Adv 2016; Kapnisi et al., Adv Funct Mater 2018), cardiac fibroblasts proliferation and activation when cultured in vitro on myocardial slices (Perbellini et al.,Cardiovasc Res 2017), new tissue clearing imaging methodologies for 3-dimensional visualization of cardiac tissue (Perbellini et al., Sci Rep 2017). He has also developed new tools and methods for chronic culture of myocardial slices (Watson et al., Nature Communications 2019) and is now using this technology to determine putative molecular targets involved in signalling pathways/potential target modulation and specifically target them with microRNA.

Filippo is a review editor for Stem Cells Translational Medicine, Stem Cells and Development, Scientific Reports, and a member of the UK Physiological Society, the BSGCT and The Company of Biologists. He has presented his work at international conferences, including the AHA Scientific Session, European Society of Cardiology and in departmental seminars (King’s College, Manchester University, Oslo University, Hospital Vall d'Hebron Barcelona).



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