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Francesco is a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Thermofluids Division at Imperial College. 

He is a member of Hazelab, Prof Guillermo Rein's  group, and the Turbo Group led by Prof Ricardo Martinez-Botas and Dr Aaron Costall

He will be moving to Kings College London to join the Department of Engineering as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) on November 1st 2019.

His research focuses on transient heat transfer processes in electrochemical storage, vehicle waste-heat recovery, and safety hazards in low-carbon energy industries. Previously, he carried out a one-year postdoc in the area of experimental smouldering combustion on the ERC funded project HAZE. He focused on high temperature problems, mainly conditions leading to fire spread and related emissions. His PhD thesis focused on the study of ignition caused by self-heating for porous reactive materials such as peat, biomass, coal and shale formations. A summary of his publications and review work can be found on his Google Scholar and Publons profiles.

He comes from Italy and studied at The University of Edinburgh (Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, MEng 2012),  Caltech (Mechanical Engineering, MS 2014), and Imperial College (Mechanical Engineering, PhD 2018).

His research career has focused on transient heat transfer research at a wide range of temperatures (4.2K to 900K). He has worked experimentally on low-carbon fuels such as biomass, quantifying conditions for their thermal runaway in storage conditions. He has also worked at extremely low temperatures, working on the design, manufacturing and testing of the first of its kind 3-stage transient cooling system from 300 K to 4.2 K for superconducting magnets for the AEgIS experiment at CERN  in 2011.

He is also very passionate about teaching, having been a Teaching Assistant at Imperial College for various subjects including Combustion, Heat Transfer, Thermofluids Labs, and Engineering Mathematics.

He is very active in student support and pastoral care at Imperial College, and is the Warden of Wilson House. In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, he is also a member of the Equality, Diversity and Departmental Culture Committee (EDDCC) representing the research staff.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Restuccia F, Fernandez-Anez N, Rein G, Experimental measurement of particle size effects on the self-heating ignition of biomass piles: Homogeneous samples of dust and pellets, Fuel, ISSN:0016-2361

Yuan H, Restuccia F, Richter F, et al., 2019, A computational model to simulate self-heating ignition across scales, configurations, and coal origins, Fuel, Vol:236, ISSN:0016-2361, Pages:1100-1109

Restuccia F, Masek O, Hadden R, et al., 2019, Quantifying self-heating ignition of biochar as a function of feedstock and the pyrolysis reactor temperature, Fuel, Vol:236, ISSN:0016-2361, Pages:201-213

Hu Y, Christensen E, Restuccia F, et al., 2019, Transient gas and particle emissions from smouldering combustion of peat, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Vol:37, ISSN:1540-7489, Pages:4035-4042

Rein G, Huang X, Restuccia F, et al., 2017, Detection of landmines in peat soils by controlled smouldering combustion: Experimental proof of concept of O-Revealer, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol:88, ISSN:0894-1777, Pages:632-638

Restuccia F, Huang X, Rein G, 2017, Self-ignition of natural fuels: can wildfires of carbon-rich soil start by self-heating?, Fire Safety Journal, Vol:91, ISSN:1873-7226, Pages:828-834

Restuccia F, Ptak N, Rein G, 2016, Self-heating behavior and ignition of shale rock, Combustion and Flame, Vol:176, ISSN:1556-2921, Pages:213-219

Huang X, Restuccia F, Gramola M, et al., 2016, Experimental Study of the Formation and Collapse of an Overhang in the Surface Spread of Smouldering Peat Fires, Combustion and Flame, Vol:168, ISSN:1556-2921, Pages:393-402

Kim E, Restuccia F, Yang J, et al., 2015, Solitary wave-based delamination detection in composite plates using a combined granular crystal sensor and actuator, Smart Materials and Structures, Vol:24, Pages:5004-5004

Cradden LC, Restuccia F, Hawkins SL, et al., 2014, Consideration of wind speed variability in creating a regional aggregate wind power time series, Resources, Vol:3, Pages:215-234

More Publications