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Co-Director of Hamlyn Centre, Professor of Medical Robotics



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Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from King’s College London in 2000. He then joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, where he gained a PhD in Medical Robotics. He is now Professor of Medical Robotics within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, where he leads the Mechatronics in Medicine Laboratory.

His past research has focused on development of intra-operative registration methods suitable for minimally invasive knee replacement surgery with a hands-on robot. His work, which was carried out in collaboration with an Imperial College spinout, the Acrobot Company ltd. (which was acquired by Stanmore Implants Worldwide in 2010, and the rights for which were sold to Mako Sugical in 2013), has been presented widely in both journal publications and peer reviewed conferences, and contributed to the world-first robotic assisted intervention in unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. Prof Rodriguez y Baena’s current research interests lie in the application of mechatronic systems to medicine, in the specific areas of clinical training, diagnostics and surgical intervention.




  1. Event Organizer: Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery Int. Conf. 2011, London, 7-19 June 2011.
  2. Workshop Organizer: Steerable systems for Neurosurgery, EMBC 2012, San Diego, August 2012.
  3. Keynote: “An Overview of Surgical Robotics in the Mechatronics in Medicine Laboratory”, the 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence, Daejeon, Korea, 2012.
  4. Workshop Organizer: “Cooperative Control in Surgical Robotics”, the Hamlyn Symposium 2013, London, UK, 22-25 June 2013.
  5. Keynote: “Flexible digits and flexible needle steering technology”, The RSM, London, UK, 2012.
  6. Keynote: “STING: a Soft Tissue Intervention and Neurosurgical Guide”, LM 2013, London, UK, 2013.
  7. Local organizing committee member: Hamlyn Symposium of Medical Robotics (’11-‘16).
  8. Invited Talk: “Steerable Instruments and a Biologically Inspired Case Study”, the Future of Robotics in Surgery, the Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK, 5th February 2015.
  9. Invited Talk: “Surgical Robotics and Orthopeadeic Prosepctive”, The 2015 Innovative Surgical Robotics Forum, London, UK, 18th March 2015.
  10. Invited Talk: “Challenges of Needle Steering in Neurosurgery”, At the Cutting Edge of Science and Engineering Meeting, the Royal Society, October 2015.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Ko, S.K., Rodriguez y Baena, et al., 2012, Towards a Miniaturized Needle Steering System with Path Planning for Obstacle Avoidance, Ieee Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol:N/A

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