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I am a clinical psychologist and cognitive therapist working for Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust. My research interests include the role of cognition in impulse control, especially in the context of addiction. I am developing clinical applications of recent findings in cognitive psychology pointing to an influential role of implicit cognitive  processes and  behaviour. I was guest associate editor on Frontiers in Psychology. This brought together research   on the role of reward processing in addiction and emotional disorders:

I am also keen to share behaviour change technologies more widely, especially in transitional or developing countries where there are negative health implications linked to illicit drug use and other impulsive behaviours. My book Cognitive Therapy for Addiction:Motivation and Change was published In February 2013 by Wiley Blackwell. My most recent book Willpower for Dummies,was published in  July 2014, by Wiley. This is a self-help book based on cognitive behaviour therapy aimed at fostering self-control in overcoming unwanted habits and goal pursuit.

Selected Publications


Ryan F, Skandali N, 2016, Reward processing in motivational and affective disorders., Frontieres Media SA, ISBN:9782889199860

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