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Ryan F, Skandali N, 2016, Editorial: Reward Processing in Motivational and Affective Disorders., Front Psychol, Vol: 7, ISSN: 1664-1078


Ryan F, Skandali N, 2016, Reward processing in motivational and affective disorders., Publisher: Frontieres Media SA, ISBN: 9782889199860

Explores reward processing as a dimension spanning affective, addictive and psychotic disorders. The contributors draw on cognitive neuroscience, computational and experimental psychology theories and methods aligned to the Research Domains Criteria ( RDoC) framework. A unifying theme is that maladaptive reward processing can be seen as reflecting distorted decision making, for instance over-valuing short term outcomes and under-valuing more distant eventualities. Cognitive processes including selective attention, long term potentiation of memories and decision making are susceptible to malfunctions in reward processing. Under-activated reward processing can contribute to depression, over-activation to addiction and aberrant activation to the perceptual and cognitive distortions that characterize schizophrenia.


Ryan F, 2014, Willpower For Dummies, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

A self-help book based on cognitive behaviour therapy that aims to teach readers self-regulation (willpower) .


Weaver T, Metrebian N, Hellier J, Pilling S, Charles V, Little N, Poovendran D, Mitcheson L, Ryan F, Bowden-Jones O, Dunn J, Glasper A, Finch E, Strang Jet al., 2014, Use of contingency management incentives to improve completion of hepatitis B vaccination in people undergoing treatment for heroin dependence: a cluster randomised trial, LANCET, Vol: 384, Pages: 153-163, ISSN: 0140-6736


Ryan F, 2014, Working with Addictions, What Is Clinical Psychology?, Editors: Llewelyn, Murphy, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA, Pages: 153-168, ISBN: 9780199681495

The chapter outlines the role of clinical psychologists working with addictions. Emphasis is on cognitive therapy. This is in the fifth edition of this very popular text which has been extensively re-written and updated by two well respected and well known editors who are closely connected with recent developments in the profession of clinical psychology.


Ryan F, 2013, Cognitive Therapy for Addiction, Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, ISBN: 9780470669969

This volume provides both a conceptual framework of this emergent paradigm, and a roadmap for augmenting existing therapeutics and generating innovative techniques to directly target the core cognitive and behavioural mechanisms of ...


Ryan F, 2006, Appetite lost and found: Cognitive psychology in the addiction clinic., Cognition and Addiction, Editors: Munafo, Albery, Oxford, Publisher: Oxford University Press, Pages: 279-302, ISBN: 9780198569299


Ryan F, 2002, Attentional bias and alcohol dependence: A controlled study using the modified Stroop paradigm., Addictive Behaviors, Vol: 27, Pages: 471-482


Ryan F, 2002, Detected, selected, and sometimes neglected: cognitive processing of cues in addiction., Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, Vol: 10, Pages: 67-76, ISSN: 1064-1297


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