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The title of my doctoral research is "Developing Resilience to Urban Flooding under Deep Uncertainty". There is uncertainty regarding future climate change and other key parameters which affect flood risk. The interaction of these parameters leads to a condition known as deep uncertainty. This leads to the question of how do we protect against floods and manage risk given that we have little certainty regarding future conditions.

Decision making frameworks accounting for deep uncertainty have been developed, but have not yet been utilised in conjunction with urban flood protection planning. In addition, incorporating flexibility into infrastructure systems design has shown to increase adaptability to external stresses. However, these techniques have not been greatly explored with regards to urban flood defense. This project will uniquely combine the aforementioned approaches to generate robust adaptation plans for urban flood protection that incorporates both hard and soft solutions, flexibility, the value of ecosystem services, and solutions that go beyond civil infrastructure.

I was nominated for the Poul Harremoes Award for young urban drainage engineering in 2017. In 2016 I was a runner up for the Emerging Engineers Award, organised by the Institution of Civil Engineers to highlight promising young civil engineers. In Autumn of 2014 I completed the MSc in Hydrology and Sustainable Development from Imperial College London. Prior to this I completed a BEng in Civil and Enviornmental Engineering with first class honours from Cardiff University.

I am a member of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Civil Engineering and the Urban Water Systems and Interactions Research Group.