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Reader in Biochemistry



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Research Interests

Every day the genetic material (DNA) in each cell of your body is damaged approximately 10 000 times. Such damage occurs under normal physiological conditions and may be exacerbated by environmental mutagens. Any damage to the genome of a cell threatens the integrity of the information encoded within it, with potentially lethal consequences. The DNA of all cells therefore requires constant maintenance for the prevention of disease. The objectives of my research are to investigate the basic principles involved in how damaged DNA is first recognized and then removed by the enzymes responsible for its repair.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Storch M, Casini A, Mackrow B, et al., 2015, BASIC: A New Biopart Assembly Standard for Idempotent Cloning Provides Accurate, Single-Tier DNA Assembly for Synthetic Biology, Acs Synthetic Biology, Vol:4, ISSN:2161-5063, Pages:781-787

Casini A, Storch M, Baldwin GS, et al., 2015, Bricks and blueprints: methods and standards for DNA assembly, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, Vol:16, ISSN:1471-0072, Pages:568-576

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