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AB - Activation-induced deaminase (AID) catalyses deamination of deoxycytidine to deoxyuridinewithin immunoglobulin loci, triggering pathways of antibody diversifi cation that arelargely dependent on uracil-DNA glycosylase (uracil- N -glycolase [UNG]). Surprisinglyeffi cient class switch recombination is restored to ung / B cells through retroviraldelivery of active-site mutants of UNG, stimulating discussion about the need for UNG ’ suracil-excision activity. In this study, however, we fi nd that even with the overexpressionachieved through retroviral delivery, switching is only mediated by UNG mutants thatretain detectable excision activity, with this switching being especially dependent onMSH2. In contrast to their potentiation of switching, low-activity UNGs are relativelyineffective in restoring transversion mutations at C:G pairs during hypermutation, or inrestoring gene conversion in stably transfected DT40 cells. The results indicate that UNGdoes, indeed, act through uracil excision, but suggest that, in the presence of MSH2,effi cient switch recombination requires base excision at only a small proportion of theAID-generated uracils in the S region. Interestingly, enforced expression of thymine-DNAglycosylase (which can excise U from U:G mispairs) does not (unlike enforced UNG orSMUG1 expression) potentiate effi cient switching, which is consistent with a need eitherfor specifi c recruitment of the uracil-excision enzyme or for it to be active on singlestrandedDNA.
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