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My current work is reflected in several projects such as: 

  • standardizing health data sets across hospitals in London
  • automation of analysis on patient flow since entering A&E until treatment ended 
  • using mathematical modeling/machine learning for several pressing health system issues: predicting A&E admission in the hospital; forecasting bed occupancy in 2 days time; factors associated around boarding of patients; etc. 
  • assisting several other projects by deploying machine learning; e.g.  sepsis alert
  • using statistical process control theory and control charts in spotting the patterns of health service delivery 
  • writing packages in R/Python; e.g. patientflow 
  • running of tests as part of library/package writing

Prior working with Imperial College, I have been interning for 'Soft Computing Lab' at Goldsmiths, where I have worked on a joint program which formed the basis for my dissertation. The task of such project consisted in developing machine learning algorithms in 'Prediction of time to remission in psychotic patients'. 

Other work undertaken in the past is reflected in several publication on child bullying, peer exploitation, academic achievement, within residential institutions. 



Rus AV, Stativa E, Parris SR, et al., 2019, Awareness of Same-Sex Relationships between Children in Romanian Long-Term Residential Centers, Revista De Cercetare Si Interventie Sociala, Vol:66, ISSN:1583-3410, Pages:9-21

Rus AV, Stativa E, Butterfield ME, et al., 2018, Peer exploitation: findings from a Romanian national representative sample of children living in long-term residential centres, Child Abuse Review, Vol:27, ISSN:0952-9136, Pages:58-71


Max B, Adrian V. R, Ecaterina S, et al., Secrecy and Adult Legitimization Predict Bullying in Romanian Institutionalized Children, The 94th annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association

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