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I lead the air pollution measurement team comprising nine staff. The team run air pollution measurement networks in London, south east England and Leicester.  I also manage projects that support local authority air quality management. These have included apps and websites to provide air pollution information, alerting services for Sussex and the London Mayor as well as data collection for to the national networks. I also lead applied research projects for central, London and local government and for the Environment Agency.

Having led the development of the London Air Quality Network to become the largest urban network in Europe I have solid grounding in air quality measurement techniques. I have also pursued network data analysis techniques to characterise sources, trends and changes in urban air pollution to determine if policies to improve air pollution are actually working.

I have developed and applied source apportionment techniques to quantify the local impacts of PM arising from sources that are not currently represented in emissions inventories including construction activity, waste management and more recent measurement programmes have focused on PM from urban wood burning.

My early career in a private-sector laboratory along with my subsequent role providing science support for all levels of government means that my teaching is firmly grounded in a practitioner view. I lead an MSc module in air pollution measurement. I also teach on public health courses at King's and at the University of Birmingham and I teach on a wood burning course at the University of Leeds. I have successfully supervised three PhD students to completion. 

As a member of the Medical Research Council Centre for Environment and Health I work with toxicologists, clinicians and epidemiologists promoting the best use of air pollution measurements in health studies. I am a member of Defra’s Air Quality Expert Group, a regular contributor to the Guardian newspaper since 2010 and author of “The Invisible Killer – the rising global threat of air pollution and how we can fight back” published by Melville House Books.



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