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AB - The ability to predict the boiling transition, or dry-out, in annular two-phase flow is essential to Light Water Reactor (LWR) safety analysis. Common approaches include the use of empirical correlations or look-up tables which, although reliable, cannot be readily applied to complex cases outside the experimental range used for their development. Phenomenological models can widen the range of conditions in which dry-out can be predicted as they provide a better insight into the governing phenomena. These models however also employ empirical correlations to close the system of conservation equations and therefore require validation against experimental data. In this paper, three independently-developed codes for the phenomenological modelling of dry-out, GRAMP, MEFISTO-T and SCADOP, are compared against one another and validated against two experimental dry-out datasets. These data, on dry-out in tubes, were generated by BARC, in India, and Harwell, in the UK. The three codes are used to predict the location of: the onset of annular flow, the flow flow rate along the annular flow length, the dry-out power and the location of dry-out under broadly BWR operating conditions. A high level of consistency between the three codes is demonstrated, and good agreement is observed against the experimental data. Some areas of uncertainty are also discussed in this paper, with the focus on the applicability of the entrainment deposition correlations and the importance of the liquid entrained fraction at the onset of annular flow.
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