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Dr Ged M Murtagh

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Surgery & Cancer

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Communication



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Ged Murtagh is currently a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Communication in the Department of Surgery and Cancer. He is Course Leader for Clinical Communication for all entrants to the MBBS programme before 2019 and Joint Domain Lead for Communication Skills (2019- ). His research is on the application of Conversation Analysis in clinical settings which he has examined in the contexts of the doctor-patient encounter and inter-professional teamwork.  Ged has also led on several education based projects at Imperial examining ways to improve communication skills training for medical students. Previously he has held teaching and research positions at the Universities of Surrey and Leicester.

Research Interests

.Ged's  research interests include:

  • Conversation Analysis and the Doctor-Patient encounter
  • Inter-professional communication 
  • Decision making between clinicians and patients

Impact and Application

In collaboration with Professor Anne Thomas and her team at Leicester, Ged  has contributed to the design and development of a novel consultation aid which can be used by both the patient and doctor together to facilitate information exchange within an oncology consultation. This work was funded through a grant from NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme. The consultation aid can be viewed here.

teaching and innovation

Since joining the college in 2009, Ged has has introduced several innovative changes including a video based exam for year 1 medical students and a clinical encounter exam for year 2 students. He has led on several teaching based research projects and with colleagues at Imperial is currently exploring the possibilities Artificial Intelligence systems offer for communication skills training.


Most recently he was awarded funding as part of the College's Excellence Fund for Learning and Teaching Innovation to explore the concept of Student Partnership Learning in the later years of the undergraduate medical curriculum

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications