Imperial College London

Professor Grigorios A. Pavliotis

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Professor of Applied Mathematics



+44 (0)20 7594 8564g.pavliotis Website




736aHuxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Grigorios A. Pavliotis is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College. His main research interests lie in the areas of stochastic differential equations and diffusion processes, nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and homogenization theory for partial differential equations and stochastic differential equations. He is particularly interested in the development of analytical, computational and statistical techniques for multiscale stochastic systems, in time-dependent statistical mechanics and kinetic theory and in the analysis and development of sampling techniques in high dimensions. Current research projects include inference and control for multiscale systems, the development of computational techniques for calculating transport coefficients, homogenization for multiscale diffusion processes and sampling techniques in molecular dynamics.

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Tomlin R, Gomes SN, Pavliotis G, et al., Optimal control of thin liquid films and transverse mode effects, Siam Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, ISSN:1536-0040

Gomes SN, Pavliotis GA, 2018, Mean Field Limits for Interacting Diffusions in a Two-Scale Potential, Journal of Nonlinear Science, Vol:28, ISSN:0938-8974, Pages:905-941

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