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AB - Falling liquid films become unstable due to inertial effects when the fluid layer is sufficiently thick or the slopesufficiently steep. This free surface flow of a single fluid layer has industrial applications including coating andheat transfer, which benefit from smooth and wavy interfaces, respectively. Here we discuss how the dynamicsof the system are altered by feedback controls based on observations of the interface height, and supplied tothe system via the perpendicular injection and suction of fluid through the wall. In this study, we modelthe system using both Benney and weighted-residual models that account for the fluid injection throughthe wall. We find that feedback using injection and suction is a remarkably effective control mechanism:the controls can be used to drive the system towards arbitrary steady states and travelling waves, and thequalitative effects are independent of the details of the flow modelling. Furthermore, we show that the systemcan still be successfully controlled when the feedback is applied via a set of localised actuators and only asmall number of system observations are available, and that this is possible using both static (where thecontrols are based on only the most recent set of observations) and dynamic (where the controls are based onan approximation of the system which evolves over time) control schemes. This study thus provides a solidtheoretical foundation for future experimental realisations of the active feedback control of falling liquid films.
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