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AB - Background. The hallmark of severe dengue is increased microvascular permeability however alterations in the microcirculation and their evolution over the course of dengue are unknown.Methods. We conducted a prospective observational study to evaluate the sublingual microcirculation using sidestream dark field imaging in patients presenting early (<72 hours fever) and patients hospitalized with warning signs or severe dengue in Vietnam. Clinical, microvascular function, global haemodynamics assessed by echocardiograms and serological markers of endothelial activation were performed at 4 time points.Results. 165 patients were enrolled. No difference was found between the microcirculatory parameters comparing dengue with other febrile illnesses. Proportion of perfused vessels (PPV) and Mean Flow Index (MFI) were lower in dengue patients with plasma leakage (PPV: 88.1% vs. 90.6%, P=0.010 and MFI: 2.1 vs. 2.4, P=0.007) most marked during the critical phase. PPV and MFI correlated with the endothelial activation markers, VCAM-1 (P<0.001 for both) and Angiopoietin-2 (P<0.001 and P=0.001 respectively) with a negative association.Conclusion. Modest microcirculatory alterations occur in dengue, are associated with plasma leakage and correlate with molecules of endothelial activation, Angiopoietin-2 and VCAM-1.
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