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Head of Regulatory Compliance



+44 (0)20 7594 1872gary.roper




Joint Research Compliance Office, Room 215Medical SchoolSt Mary's Campus





I have worked for Imperial College since 2004 developing and overseeing system to govern the regulatory and ethics requirements for healthcare research.  For the past 18 months I have had the additional role of overseeing the same activity for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.


I manage a team dedicated to:

  • Oversee, facilitate and manage the healthcare research portfolio of the College and NHS Trust
  • Ensure the College and its researchers are compliant with regulation and ethics requirements governing healthcare research
  • Reduce and manage exposure to risk on an organisational and individual project level 
  • Work with Investigators and associated NHS Trusts to enable the design and conduct of healthcare research
  • Advise on insurance requrements and restrictions 
  • Provide training and guidance in research governance 
  • Assist associated NHS Trusts with pharmacovigilance
  • Enhance communication between study partners and administrative services
  • Provide an environment that is attractive to funding agencies seeking to place healthcare research 

We welcome enquiries regarding ethics, regulatory, organisational approval and oversight relating to our sites and portfolio.