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Dr Harsh D. Amin completed his PhD in Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine  from University College London in 2011 under the supervision of Professors Irwin Olsen, Nikolaos Donos and Jonathan Knowles. He was awarded prestigeous international/commonwealth scholarship Dorothy Hodgkin Postgradute Award to carry out his research at UCL. He identified and patented peptides for ligament, bone and blood vessel regeneration.

In July 2011 Dr Amin joined Imperial College London as Research Associate in Bioengineering department under the supervision of Professor C Ross Ethier, where he worked on a large integrated project involving: (i) mechanostimulations of adult stem cells and cartilage precursors and investigation of mechanotransduction pathways/molecular mechanism(s) involved in osteochondral differentiation, (ii) activation of ‘resident’ cartilage stem cells using physical and chemical cues to treat osteoarthritic joints and (iii) development of a novel mouse hemi-joint femoral explant culture system for delineating cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in mechanical trauma-based OA onset.

In June 2014 Dr Amin joined Regenerative Pharmacology group at National Heart & Lung Institute, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, under the supervision of Professor Sara M. Rankin. His current research focus is to investigate heterotopic ossification (HO) in the context of blast injuries. The project is currently using limb and head trauma models to examine cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in trauma-led ectopic bone formation.  



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Amin HD, Ripolles JM, Ethier CR, et al., 2014, A novel mouse hemi-joints explant culture system for studying the response of osteochondral tissue to injury and mechanical loading, Autumn Meeting of the British-Society-for-Matrix-Biology, WILEY-BLACKWELL, Pages:A4-A4, ISSN:0959-9673

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