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1089Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Wing (QEQM)St Mary's Campus





Hutan Ashrafian is a Clinical Lecturer in Surgery. His research objectives are to develop innovative and technological strategies to resolve the global healthcare burden of obesity, metabolic syndrome, obesity-related cardiorespiratory disease, musculoskeletal dysfunction and cancer.

His work encompasses clinical and mechanistic studies of metabolic bariatric surgery, complex biostatistical models, networks and evidence synthesis to guide policy decisions, computational physiology and systems medicine, novel health technology assessment and diagnostic accuracy of biomarkers, robotics and artificial intelligence agents in healthcare, ancient history analytics, academic impact & leadership metrics and regenerative strategies including sports-based and bio-inspired bionic therapies.



Harling L, Chaudhry UAR, Ashrafian H, et al., 2016, Reply., Ann Thorac Surg, Vol:101, Pages:2024-2025

Ashrafian H, 2018, A novel biological 'twin-father' temporal paradox of General Relativity in a Godel universe - Where reproductive biology meets theoretical physics, Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology, Vol:133, ISSN:0079-6107, Pages:27-29

Ashrafian H, 2018, The case for a distinctive philosophy of physiology and pathophysiology., J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol


Protopapas AD, Ashrafian H, Athanasiou T, Dura censor sed censor: A reviewer’s ongoing audit of 11 years in the journals of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery, Frontiers - simulation for training in cardiothoracic surgery

Protopapas AD, Ashrafian H, Athanasiou T, Tumour thrombi in the cavae, Charing Cross Symposium 2016

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