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Hafiz Bello is currently a Doctoral Researcher at Imperial College London in the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP). Hafiz is a Civil Engineering graduate (BSc Civil Engineering) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. After graduating in 2007, he worked for three years on highways and transportation design on various projects in Nigeria, before going on to study for a Master of Science degree in Environment and Sustainable Development at the University College London in 2011.

In February, 2013, Hafiz commenced his PhD at Imperial College London's Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) under the supervision of Dr. Rocio Diaz-Chavez working on the Sustainable Energy Delivery Models for the rural and Peri-Urban in Nigeria.

The focus of the research is the alignment of theories on Technical Innovation Systems and Common Pool resource problems by Elinor Ostrom, to further the understanding of energy governance and institutional design that will ensure the scalability of decentralised electrification solutions in rural off grid areas.



Chapters in Books

Urban Expansion and Land Ownership – Environmentally Just Urbanization through Urban Agriculture



Building a Resilient Energy System in Petroleum Review - Energy Institute, London, United Kingdom April 2014


Setting it “Aright”; Building Resilience to Fires in Informal Settlements by Examining Use of Building Materials. September 2012


Urban Regeneration Analysis: The Heygate Example, Elephant and Castle, London. May 2012


Use of Sawdust as a Partial Substitute for Fine Aggregates in Reinforced Concrete .April 2007


Conference Papers & Presentations

Bello, H., Diaz-Chavez, R. “Social Innovation towards Improving Energy Access” in Innovation for Sustainable Development, UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Technologies, (May, 2016), EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.


Bello, H., Diaz-Chavez, R. “Sustainable Energy Delivery Models for the Rural and Off Grid areas of Nigeria” in Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID), (April 2016), Sheffield, United Kingdom.


Bello, H., Diaz-Chavez, R. “Demand Profile for Rural Consumers in Nigeria” in Low Carbon Energy Development Network (LCEDN), (June 2013), London, United Kingdom