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Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones is a medical doctor and neuroscience researcher working as Consultant psychiatrist  in Addictions.

She is the current Vice President of the Medical Women's Federation.

She is Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Division of Brain Science at Imperial College and the current co-recipient of  Medical  Research Council grants in the area of decision-making and impulsivity as well as a Wolson grant in the area of pathological gambling.

She has published two textbooks on Pathological Gambling. 

Henrietta is the Founder and Director of the National Problem Gambling Clinic  based in Soho, London. The clinic is the first  and only NHS multidisciplinary treatment centre in the UK for the treatment of problem gamblers, it has been inundated by more than 4000  referrals since its opening in 2008 and holds the only extensive national database on pathological gambling. 

Henrietta also runs the UK Problem Gambling Research Consortium, a group of 12 researchers from Imperial, Cambridge, Oxford and UCL collaborating on different research projects exploring the neurobiology of pathological gambling.

Henrietta  belongs to the ICCAM (Imperial, Cambridge, Manchester) neuroscience research group funded by the Medical Resarch Council to develop effective treatment for all addictions.

Prior to founding the National Problem Gambling Clinic Henrietta ran for many years the inpatient NHS detoxification services for alcohol and drugs in central London (CNWL NHS Foundation Trust) as well as leading the Soho Rapid Access Clinic, treating the homeless drug addicts of central London.

Much of her time is spent lecturing at conferences and teaching  medical postgraduate students, psychologists, mental health professionals, magistrates, psychiatrists, neuroscientists and others about behavioural addictions, internet addiction disorder,  problem gambling,the neurobiology of addiction, decision-making and risk, adolescent brains and impulsivity . She is regularly invited to lecture nationally and internationally, she has been interviewed extensively both by the press ( The Times, Financial Times, Guardian,Observer, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Vogue, Wired etc) and radio as well as TV (Women's Hour, You and Yours,All in the Mind, Private Passions,  Today Programme, Despatches, The One Show and many others). She gave a TED talk in 2013.

She is the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ spokesperson on Behavioural Addictions and Problem Gambling as well as having been an elected member of the Executive Committee Addictions Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists from 2005 to 2014. She continues on the committee as Co-opted Member.

She held the post of elected Finance Officer for the Addictions Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists for the period 2006-2010.

She was Academic Secretary for the Faculty of Addictions at the Royal College of Psychiatrists for the year 2011-2012 and on the Conference Committee from 2009-2012.

Henrietta has been a member of the Government’s Responsible Gambling Strategy Board since 2009 advising on prevention, research, treatment and education. She was on the Prevention Panel from 2009 to 2012 and was a member of the Board’s Research  Panel from 2012-2014.

Having completed her medical degree and her psychiatric training she spent some years  with Imperial College researching the effects of alcohol on the brain. She was awarded an MD for her work, her  doctorate thesis is on Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Dysfunction in Alcohol dependency. Decision-making is one of her areas of interest in neuroscience.

One of her roles on the Royal college Executive committee was to be the link person to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine. She has collaborated with the Faculty on guidelines for managing substance misuse in the workplace and has been a member of a separate working group advising occupational physicians  on alcohol misuse at work. She is advisor to London Underground on alcohol and drugs misuse and works closely with their Alcohol and Drug assessment unit in London, carrying out assessments on their staff.

In her charity work she has been a Trustee of Sporting Chance Clinic since 2006, a high profile addiction charity which helps top sportsmen and women in the UK in their fight against drugs, alcohol and gambling.

In 2012 she started Gambling Concern ( a charity set up to fundraise for the treatment of problem gamblers, raise the profile of problem gambling. 

She has written 9 book chapters for academic textbooks and has edited two textbooks both published in early 2015.

Getting in touch

National Problem Gambling Clinic
Crowther Market
282 North End Road 
London SW6 1NH

0207 381 7722


July 2015 Awarded the USA National Council on Problem Gambling's 2015 Joanna Franklin Gambling Treatment Award .

October 2014 Elected Vice President , Medical Women's Federation, UK.

2014 Finalist in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Public Educator of the Year Award.

October 2014 Winner of the Women of Achievement Award, Health Category, Women in the City.

2012 Poster Prize Royal College of Psychiatrists.A cross-sectional pilot study on problem gambling and illegal acts. Tang B, Smith N,Bowden-Jones H. May 2012 Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Addictions conference, Cardiff.

November 13th 2010 : Henrietta was one of The Times Best Doctors in Britain.

2006 Specialist Clinical Addiction NetworkTravel Award- Visited heroin users injectable services in Vancouver, Canada and published an article '' Harm reduction Canadian Style'' .(see above)

2003 Imperial College Hallinan Young Researcher Award. Presented research abstract at Research Society on Alcohol annual meeting, Florida.

2002 Awarded a Research Fellowship at Imperial: 6 months funding to study decision-making in substance misuse. Published results in Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience


She has a special interest in the interface between SCIENCE and ART and has been the medical advisor to actors (Soho Theatre), playwrights and directors( Royal Court) as well as doing post performance Q and A sessions ( Almeida, Soho Theatre and Cockpit Theatre).

Henrietta's blog is

RECENT PUBLIC SPEAKING : for a full list of talks go to

May 2015  Gave a talk at the Hay on Wye Literary festival on The Art of Science.

April 14th 2015 Pathological Gambling Conference: Nibionno Italy. Milan University Bicocca event. Title of talk: The National Problem Gambling Clinic: An Overview

17th March 2015 Presented research at the International Conference on Behavioural addictions: Budapest. Title of talk: Impulsivity and Gambling Type in treatment Seeking Problem Gamblers: a multidimensional analysis. The talk was based on our research at the National Problem Gambling Clinic.

9th March 2015. Lectured occupational physicians on ' Depression in the Workplace: how to spot it and how to treat it. Society of Occupational Medicine meeting , London.

9th March 2015 Gave a lecture on 'The Brain and how it works' to a primary school in London

6th March 2015 Women of The World Festival at Southbank, London. Invited to be on the of Mentors inspiring younger generations of women.

11th February 2015 Gave a talk at the How To Academy on The Neuroscience of Decision Making. 

27th January 2015 Lectured at Imperial college on The Neuroscience of Behavioural Addictions

25th January 2015Radio 3 Private Passionsinterviewed by Michael Berkley about her life and music choices. You can hear the interview including mymusicalchoices in the Media section of this website.

3rd December 2015 Speaker on Panel at Professional Players Federation Conference on mental health in Sport. The dicussion was recorded for broadcasting on Radio 5 Live . Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham.

28th November 2014 Winner of woem of achievement Award. made acceptance speech at the Women in the City Annual Lunch at Plaisterers' Hall, London.

27th November 2014 Radio 3 Private Passions interviewed by Michael Berkley about her life and music choices. To be broadcast on 25th January 2015.

26th November 2014 On Panel: 'Internet Use and mental Health' Goldsmith University.

21st November 2014 Lectured Imperial College BSc students on ' Epidemiology of Global Mental Health'.

13th November 2014 On Q & A Panel on stage at Soho Theatre on the subject of Wet Houses and Alcohol Dependency following the play Wet House.

10th November 2014 Keynote Speaker and panellist at Neil's Yard's London College of Fashion Annual Lecture, London.

Title of Talk: Shopping Addiction: Myth or Reality?

6th November 2014 Keynote Speaker at Human Interactive Conference, Goldsmith University, London. Title of talk: Internet Addiction disorder: A modern illness'


Vice President of the Medical Women's Federation

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Co-opted Member to its Addictions Faculty Executive Committee after 9 years as Elected Member.

Member of the Society for the Study of Addiction.

Member of the Society for Judgement and Decision-Making.

Member of the International Society of Addiction Medicine


Lecturer in Neuroscience of Behavioural Addictions (Internet addiction, Gaming addiction, Pathological Gambling) at Imperial College 

Lecturer in Global Mental Health at Imperial College ( New role since 2014)

External examiner on PHD theses linked to Behavioural Addictions at both

Oxford University and Cambridge University


2014 Member of the Editorial Board of Psychology of Addictive Behaviors Journal.

2013 ongoing. Member of the Scientific committee of the Asia Pacific Association for Gambling Studies 

2013 Member of the Neuchatel Problem Gambling International Conference committee


Henrietta has been interviewed extensively on all media, here are some examples:

BMJ  interview ' Extrovert, Optimistic and Driven'  BMJ 18 March 2015

Private Passions Radio3  Jan 2015 

All in The Mind Radio4 Nov 2014 

The Risk Addicts. Financial Times Feb 1st 2013 

Up the ante: A psychiatrist who treats problem gamblers. Student British Medical Journal (BMJ)

 P 29, Vol 20, May 2012. Interviewed by S Ginn.

''Here we have seen an enormous rise in referrals'' Interview with Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones

http;//   Interviewed by W.Roe

''Addicts hooked on crack cocaine of gambling given NHS treatment'' Interview by Sam Lister, Health Editor. The Times. Feb 7th 2009. 



2013-2016     Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust award of £75,000 per year for work based at the National Problem Gambling Clinic

2011-2016       MRC project grant '' Neurotransmitters in opiate and alcohol addiction (NOAA). Co-investigators: A Lingford-Hughes, H Bowden-Jones, L.Clark, PI D.Nutt.  Grant value £ 1,600,000.

2011-2014       MRC project grant ‘Neural basis of gambling cognitions: relevance for vulnerability and treatment of gambling addiction’. Grant value: £626,758. Co-investigators: H Bowden-Jones, A Lingford-Hughes, M Aitken, R Rogers. PI, L.Clark.

2009-2011       MRC project grant ‘Predicting relapse in treatment-seeking pathological gamblers using impulsivity and compulsivity assays’. Grant value £214,402. Co-investigators: H Bowden-Jones, U Muller. PI,L.Clark.

2010-2012 Collaboration with Prof Robert Rogers, Oxford University: Prevalence of Problem gambling pathology, mental health issues and substance misuse among Football Association and Premiere League footballers across the UK.  Funding from PFA.

2010-2011 Collaboration with Dr Tim Weaver and Dr Julie Trebilcock Imperial College : Treatment Outcomes at the National Problem Gambling Clinic: The first two years. Funding from Imperial College.



Brain Emotion Systems,Personality,Hopelessness,Self/Other Perception and Gambling Cognition: A Structural Equation Model .

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J of Gambling Studies

April 2015

DOI: 10.1007/s10899-015-9543-0


Smoking and Gambling Disorder: Does Tobacco Use Influence Treatment Outcome?

Ronzitti S, Lutri V, Meleck S, Smith N, Bowden-Jones H.

J of Gambling Studies 2015 Mar 10 

PMID 25753359


Textbook: A Clinician's Guide to Working with Problem Gamblers.

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Textbook: Gambling: cultural attitudes, Motivations and Impact on quality of Life. 

G.Martinotti & H.Bowden-Jones  2015 Nova Publishers


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More Publications