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Dr H F Jones

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Distinguished Research Fellow



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I am now retired, but have an honorary position as a Distinguished Research Fellow in the theoretical physics group 

I have written a book on group theory entitled Groups, Representations and Physics, published by IOP (now Taylor and Francis). The following image is the cover picture, illustrating the relation between the groups SU(2) and SO(3). The second edition was published in 1998 and contains an additional chapter on the Cartan-Weyl-Dynkin approach to general Lie algebras. 

cover picture

My research is on non-perturbative methods in quantum field theory, and the properties of non-Hermitian, but PT-symmetric, Hamiltonians in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. The ideas developed there have recently found very important applications in classical optics.



Bender CM, Gianfreda M, Hassanpour N, et al., 2016, Comment on "On the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian description of the damped linear harmonic oscillator" [J. Math. Phys. 48, 032701 (2007)], Journal of Mathematical Physics, Vol:57, ISSN:0022-2488

Jones HF, Kulishov M, Kress B, 2016, Parity time-symmetric vertical cavities: intrinsically single-mode regime in longitudinal direction, Optics Express, Vol:24, ISSN:1094-4087, Pages:17125-17137

Jones HF, Kulishov M, 2016, Extension of analytic results for a PT-symmetric structure, Journal of Optics, Vol:18, ISSN:2040-8978

Kulishov M, Jones HF, Kress B, 2015, Analysis of unidirectional non-paraxial invisibility of purely reflective PT-symmetric volume gratings, Optics Express, Vol:23, ISSN:1094-4087, Pages:18694-18711

Kulishov M, Jones HF, Kress B, 2015, Analysis of PT-symmetric volume gratings beyond the paraxial approximation, Optics Express, Vol:23, ISSN:1094-4087, Pages:9347-9362

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