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6M58Blackett LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





Heli Hietala studies particle energization in shocks, magnetic reconnection, and radiation belts using multi-spacecraft observations and modelling.

She is the lead-proposer and co-chair of the GEM Focus Group Dayside kinetic processes in global solar wind - magnetosphere interaction (2016-2020).

She's also the co-leader of the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) International Team Jets Downstream of Collisionless Shocks (2015-2017), and the co-I of the global hybrid-Vlasov simulation model Vlasiator.

She was a Young Scientist in the ISSI team Ion and Electron Bulk Heating by Magnetic Reconnection (2013-2015).

She is currently an Assistant Researcher in the Experimental Space Physics Group, Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles.



Plaschke F, Hietala H, 2018, Plasma flow patterns in and around magnetosheath jets, Annales Geophysicae, Vol:36, ISSN:0992-7689, Pages:695-703

Kiehas SA, Runov A, Angelopolos V, et al., 2018, Magnetotail Fast Flow Occurrence Rate and Dawn-Dusk Asymmetry at X-GSM similar to-60 R-E, Journal of Geophysical Research-space Physics, Vol:123, ISSN:2169-9380, Pages:1767-1778

Hietala H, Phan TD, Angelopoulos V, et al., 2018, In Situ Observations of a Magnetosheath High-Speed Jet Triggering Magnetopause Reconnection, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol:45, ISSN:0094-8276, Pages:1732-1740

Mejnertsen L, Eastwood JP, Hietala H, et al., 2018, Global MHD Simulations of the Earth's Bow Shock Shape and Motion Under Variable Solar Wind Conditions, Journal of Geophysical Research-space Physics, Vol:123, ISSN:2169-9380, Pages:259-271

Liu TZ, Lu S, Angelopoulos V, et al., 2017, Fermi acceleration of electrons inside foreshock transient cores, Journal of Geophysical Research-space Physics, Vol:122, ISSN:2169-9380, Pages:9248-9263

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