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Research Fellow in Malaria Epidemiology







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I am a research associate in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College. My research involves using mathematical models of malaria transmission to investigate how different control interventions impact disease dynamics and how we can use novel interventions to reduce transmission. I am also interested in understanding how resistance to artemisinin or the partner drugs used in artemisinin combination therapy could impact malaria transmission in Africa if it were to develop there as it has in Cambodia and Thailand.

Other current research interests include modelling parasite-mosquito interactions to understand how the ‘optimal’ immune strategy of each organism is determined, modelling the co-infection of malaria and lymphatic Filariasis in the human and the vector, and mapping where this co-infection exists in Africa using Bayesian geostatistical techniques.  

My PhD was undertaken at Imperial College and titled: ‘Spatial epidemiology and the integrated control of malaria and lymphatic filariasis in Africa’. I completed this under the supervision of Professor Edwin Michael and Dr Simon Buckle. 



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