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I am a Research Fellow working on the application of optimization, machine learning and statistical techniques to the design and operation of energy systems. My main research interests lie in the following topics:

Application of stochastic, risk-constrained and robust optimization methods to decision-making under uncertainty. I have published extensively on the concept of 'smart grid option value' and currently extending my work to the field of decision-dependent uncertainty modelling.

Development of novel decomposition schemes for very large-scale optimization problems. I have published state-of-the-art methodologies for the decomposition of large design and operation problems using hierarchical approaches, Nested Benders, multi-cut algorithm variants etc.

Pioneering work on the use of machine learning for surrogate modelling of the dynamic behavior of complex systems. In this context, I have led critical work on the stability assessment of the pan-European electricity grid (iTesla project) and continue this research track in collaboration with the French Transmission System Operator RTE.

Development of novel high-dimensional modelling frameworks based on vine copulas with  applications to non-linear data-sets of >4000 variables.

Novel Monte Carlo methods applied to the development of energy storage capacity credit methodologies.



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Konstantelos I, Pudjianto D, Strbac G, et al., 2017, Integrated North Sea grids: The costs, the benefits and their distribution between countries, Energy Policy, Vol:101, ISSN:0301-4215, Pages:28-41


Fatouros P, Konstantelos I, Papadaskalopoulos D, et al., 2017, A stochastic dual dynamic programming approach for optimal operation of DER aggregators, IEEE PowerTech 2017, IEEE

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