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With broad research interests in fluid mechanics and nonlinear acoustics embracing both computational and theoretical aspects, my current focus is on stochastic fluid dynamics and complex ocean flows. I also study efficient and robust absorbing boundary conditions for nonlinear equations, as well as high-performance numerical methods for large scientific problems.

msC and urop opportunities

  • Stochastic parameterisations for ocean models
  • Stability analysis of turbulent oceanic flows
  • Multiscale oceanic energetics
  • Large scale low-frequecny variability of the ocean
  • Modelling the ocean with primitive equations
  • Absorbing boundary conditions for nonlinear wave equations
  • Bifurcation analysis of dynamical systems with degenerative solutions

    Please contact me directly if you have your own ideas for the research project.



Govorukhin V, Shevchenko I, Multiple equilibria, bifurcations and selection scenarios in cosymmetricproblem of thermal convection in porous medium, Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, ISSN:0167-2789

Shevchenko I, Berloff P, 2017, On the roles of baroclinic modes in eddy-resolving midlatitude ocean dynamics, Ocean Modelling, Vol:111, ISSN:1463-5003, Pages:55-65

Shevchenko I, Berloff P, 2016, Eddy Backscatter and Counter-Rotating Gyre Anomalies of Midlatitude Ocean Dynamics, Fluids, Vol:1, Pages:28-28

Shevchenko IV, Berloff PS, Guerrero-Lopez D, et al., 2016, On low-frequency variability of the midlatitude ocean gyres, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol:795, ISSN:0022-1120, Pages:423-442

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