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Iain Staffell is a multi-disciplinary scientist holding degrees in Physics, Chemical Engineering and Economics.  He is a lecturer in Sustainable Energy at the Centre for Environmental Policy with ten years’ experience in energy R&D. 

Iain is co-developer of the, an open web platform that lets you simulate the hourly power output from wind and solar power plants located anywhere in the world.  Iain also leads the Electric Insights project, an interactive website and quarterly report on the supply, demand, price and environmental impacts of Britain's electricity.  He is one of the founders of Power Swarm, a network for academics, industry and government experts working on power system transformation

Iain's research centres on decarbonising electricity systems, ranging from the economics of battery storage and nuclear power to efficient ways of integrating renewables into electricity markets, modelling their benefits and impacts.  Broad research areas include the potential of an interconnected super-grid and smart energy storage systems to reduce the cost and carbon emissions of generating electricity across Europe; the impacts that climate change will have on the business case for renewables; the role of flexible fossil power in balancing decarbonised energy systems; and residential-scale microgeneration for decarbonising the heat sector.

As energy, renewables and carbon are never far from the public eye, Iain's resarch and commentary have appeared in the BBC (2), Der Spiegel, The Times (2) (3), The FT (2) (3), The Telegraph (2), The Guardian (2) (3), The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Sun, Huffington Post, The Conversation, Popular Mechanics, Quartz (2), Vice, Esquire, Die Zeit and Reddit.

Iain holds a visiting position at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - ETH Zürich, within the Climate Policy Group.


Iain co-convenes the Energy Policy option of the Environmental Technology MSc course, lecturing on energy economics and policy.  He also teaches for Imperial College Business School on the MSc in Economics & Strategy for Business, and for the Energy Futures Lab on the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures.



Kate Ward -- modelling renewable energy and electricity storage

Malte Jansen -- modelling electricity systems and the carbon impacts of wind power

Daniel Hdidouan -- evaluating the impact of climate change on renewable energy systems

Oliver Schmidt -- quantifying future costs and the carbon mitigation potential of energy storage

Niki Avgeraki -- estimating the economic potential of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) in the UK

Andrea Biancardi -- investigating future-proof business models for transmission system operators facing a revolution in the electricity sector

Nathan Johnson -- estimating how transformed the global energy system is, and needs to be to meet decarbonisation objectives

Daniel Mehlig -- looking at the impacts of electrifying London's vehicle fleet on air quality and electricity supply


Quarterly reports on the state of the British power system:

Electric Insights: 2018 Quarter 2
Electric Insights: 2018 Quarter 1

Electric Insights: 2017 Quarter 4
Electric Insights: 2017 Quarter 3
Electric Insights: 2017 Quarter 2
Electric Insights: 2017 Quarter 1

Electric Insights: 2016 Quarter 4
Electric Insights: 2016 Quarter 3

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications