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Dr Ivan Stoianov is a Reader in Water Systems Engineering and a holder of a prestigious five-year EPSRC Fellowship (2017-2021).

Through this EPSRC Fellowship, fundamental scientific methods for the design, optimisation and control of next generation resilient water supply networks that dynamically adapt their connectivity (topology), hydraulic conditions and operational objectives will be developed and experimentally investigated. A dynamically adaptive water supply network can modify its state in response to changes in the operational conditions, performance objectives, an increase in demand and a failure. This is a new category of engineering (cyber-physical) systems that combine physical processes with computational control in a holistic way in order to achieve dynamic adaptability, resilience, efficiency and sustainability.

The research is supported by Bristol Water, Severn Trent Water, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Anglian Water,  Water Essex and Cla-Val. Previous partners include NEC, Intel Research, SAP, ABB, Essex and Suffolk Water and Thames Water Utilities.  

Dr Stoianov has founded and leads a cross-disciplinary research group InfraSense Labs which has a current research portfolio in excess of £2.5 million (2017-2022) with a significant industrial support. He was the PI for the NEC-Imperial Smart Water Systems Project (2012-2016). Prior to joining Imperial as a Lecturer, Dr Stoianov worked as a Research Associate at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US), where in collaboration with Intel Research he developed and deployed novel wireless sensor network technologies for the real-time monitoring of the hydraulic behaviour of the water distribution and sewer systems in Boston.

Dr Ivan Stoianov and colleagues from Imperial College and Cambridge University won the 2010 Telford Gold Medal award of the Institution of Civil Engineers for their paper "Wireless Sensor Networks: Creating ‘Smart Infrastructure'", published in the ICE Proceedings - Civil Engineering in August 2009.

Technology transfer: Dr Stoianov, together with Dr Asher Hoskins (an ex-PhD student) and Dr David Parker FREng, have founded Inflowmatix Ltd and raised £4million in venture capital with the support of Imperial Innovations. Inflowmatix is a spin out from Dr Stoianov's work in monitoring and analysing the dynamic hydraulic conditions in water networks (jointly with his research group) that allows utilities to continuously diagnose the fluid dynamics in networks in order to reduce bursts, operating costs and uncertainty in hydraulic modelling.

Teaching: At Imperial College, Dr Stoianov lectures Water and Wastewater Engineering (CI4-461) to 4th year undergraduate students, Water Supply and Distribution (CI-EE-27) to MSc students in Environmental Engineering, Hydroinformatics (ENV3 & HEM3) to Environmental & Hydrology MSc students (ENV3 & HEM3) and Computational Methods (CI1-121) to 1st year undergraduate students. He has supervised over fifty MSc dissertation projects involving subjects such as: the experimental and analytical investigation of the chlorine decay in water supply systems under steady and unsteady-state hydraulic conditions; the analysis of the dynamic hydraulic conditions in multi-feed water distribution systems (DMAs); the evaluation of the dynamic response of pressure reducing valves; the optimal pump scheduling for reducing energy costs; the experimental and analytical investigation of the impact of unsteady-state hydraulic conditions on the accuracy of flow measurements; and, the development of spatial decision support for estimating the pipe break vulnerabilities in water supply systems.

A summary of Dr Stoianov's current and successfully completed PhD students.



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Konstantinou C, Stoianov I, 2020, A comparative study of statistical and machine learning methods to infer causes of pipe breaks in water supply networks, Urban Water Journal, Vol:17, ISSN:1573-062X, Pages:534-548

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