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Dr Jose M. Alsina is a Lecturer in the Fluid Mechanics section in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London. He has a MSc in Marine Science (Oceanography) obtained at the University of Canary Island and a PhD in Maritime Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña in Barcelona, Spain.

After completing his PhD he joined the Coastal Research Group at the University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia. There, he performed field trips, experimental works and numerical modelling focused to study the sediment transport and bottom evolutions in the coastal sub-area termed the swash zone. After that, he joined a post-doctoral position at the Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna within the HYDRALAB-III SANDS project focused to perform beach profile sediment transport experiments, the development of new measuring techniques and scaling laws. The experimental work was done at the large-scale wave flume CIEM-UPC.  Finally, and before joining the Imperial College, he obtained a Marie-Curie FP7 grant to undertake numerical modelling and detailed measurements of turbulence structures and sediment transport at the Università Politecnica Delle Marche in Ancona, Italy.

His research interests are in Coastal Engineering, sediment transport and Morphodynamics including detailed sediment transport measurements, large scale morphodynamic experimentation and the Morphodynamics of the swash zone.

He teaches Sediment transport in Fluid Mechanics and Environmental Fluid Mechanics.



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Caceres I, Alsina JM, 2016, Suspended sediment transport and beach dynamics induced by monochromatic conditions, long waves and wave groups, Coastal Engineering, Vol:108, ISSN:0378-3839, Pages:36-55

Padilla EM, Alsina JM, 2016, Laboratory experiments of bichromatic wave groups propagation on a gentle slope beach profile and energy transfer to low and high frequency components, Proceedings of the Coastal Engineering Conference, Vol:35, ISSN:0161-3782


Alsina JM, Caceres I, Brocchini M, et al., Influence of swash zone morphology on offshore bar migration, seventh international Symposium on Coastal Engineering and Science of Coastal Sediment Processes

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