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Dr James H. Bannock

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Visiting Researcher



+44 (0)20 7594 5710j.bannock Website




062ChemistrySouth Kensington Campus





James is a visiting researcher from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology working in the group of Professor John de Mello. James jointly lectures the 4th Year UG 'Robot Chemistry' course in the Department of Chemistry.

He has previously held an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London, and an Industrial Fellowship from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.




Bannock JH, Lui TY, Turner S, et al., 2018, Automated separation of immiscible liquids using an optically monitored porous capillary, Reaction Chemistry and Engineering, Vol:3, ISSN:2058-9883, Pages:467-477

Martin J, Davidson EC, Greco C, et al., 2018, Temperature-Dependence of Persistence Length Affects Phenomenological Descriptions of Aligning Interactions in Nematic Semiconducting Polymers, Chemistry of Materials, Vol:30, ISSN:0897-4756, Pages:748-761

Gasparini N, Salvador M, Strohm S, et al., 2017, Burn-in Free Nonfullerene-Based Organic Solar Cells, Advanced Energy Materials, Vol:7, ISSN:1614-6832

Walker BE, Bannock JH, Nightingale AM, et al., 2017, Tuning reaction products by constrained optimisation, Reaction Chemistry and Engineering, Vol:2, ISSN:2058-9883, Pages:785-798

Abelha TF, Phillips TW, Bannock JH, et al., 2017, Bright conjugated polymer nanoparticles containing a biodegradable shell produced at high yields and with tuneable optical properties by a scalable microfluidic device, Nanoscale, Vol:9, ISSN:2040-3364, Pages:2009-2019

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