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           1989                 Elected Member of Academia Europaea

           1989 & 2001    Miller Visiting Professorship at Berkeley, UC, USA

           1992                Honorary Doctorate, University of Stockholm, Sweden

           1995                Selby Fellow, Australian Academy of Science

           2000                Burroughs Wellcome Fund/Federation of American Soc.    for   Experimental Biol. Visiting Prof. Award in Basic Mesdical  Sciences, Univ. California,

           2002,               Flintoff Medal, Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK

           2003               Foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

           2005               Elected to the Fellowship of The Royal Society London

           2005               Awarded the Eni/Italgas Prize for Energy and Environment

           2006               Awarded Novartis Prize and Medal of The Biochemistry Society

           2007               Awarded Wheland Medal and Prize of the University of Chicago

            2007-2010     President of the Inter. Society for Photosynthesis Research

           2008               Arnon Lecture and Prize ( UC Berkeley )

           2010               Honorary DSc ,University of East Anglia

            2011              Sir Ernst Chain Distinguished Lecture (London, UK)

           2013               Interdisciplinary Prize and Medal, Royal Society of Chemistry

           2016               Porter Medal of the International Photochemical Societies

           2016               Communication Award, International Soc. Photosynthesis Research

           2017               Honorary Doc, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore





         1987      C.I.L. Distinguished Lecturer, Brock University Canada:

         1995      The Ostwald Lecturer, Max-Planck-Institüt für Biophysik,


         1995      Selby Lecturer, Australian Academy of Sciences, Canberra

                        Burrough-Wellcome Fund Lecturer, UC Berkeley, USA:  

         2004      Stedman Lecture, Royal Society of Chemistry, University of       

                       Swansea. UK.

         2005       Drummond Lecture, Queen Mary College London. UK.

                       BSA Distinguished Lecture at Brookhaven National Lab., USA,

        2006       Italgas/ENI Prize Lecture, Calabria and Torino, Italy.

        2006       Novartis Medal Lecture, BioSciences2006, Glasgow. UK.

        2007       Wheland Medel Lectures, University of Chicago, USA.

        2008       Daniel Arnon Lecture, University of California, Berkeley. USA

                        Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitors Lectures, Singapore.

       2010      University G8 Lecture on Energy, Torino, Italy.

       2011       Sir Ernst Chain Distinguish Lecture, Imperial College London,

       2012       Lectio Maigstralis, University of Torino, Italy.

      2014       RSC Interdisciplinary Prize and Medal Lecture, RSC, London,

     2016       Porter Medal Lecture, Asian Photochemistry Congress, Singapore









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Tay YF, Kaneko H, Chiam SY, et al., 2018, Solution-Processed Cd-Substituted CZTS Photocathode for Efficient Solar Hydrogen Evolution from Neutral Water, Joule, Vol:2, ISSN:2542-4351, Pages:537-548

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Barber J, 2017, Photosynthetic Water Splitting Provides a Blueprint for Artificial Leaf Technology, Joule, Vol:1, ISSN:2542-4351, Pages:5-9

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