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ProfessorJohn ChristosVassilicos

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Aeronautics

Professor of Fluid Mechanics



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CAGB 314City and Guilds BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Professor of Fluid Mechanics

Administrative Duties

Director of Research


See research of Turbulence, Mixing and Flow Control group



Paul I, Papadakis G, Vassilicos C, DNS of heat transfer from a cylinder immersed in the production and decayregions of grid-element turbulence, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, ISSN:0022-1120

Yasuda T, Vassilicos JC, 2018, Spatio-temporal intermittency of the turbulen energy cascade, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol:853, ISSN:0022-1120, Pages:235-252

Basbug S, Papadakis G, Vassilicos JC, 2018, Reduced mixing time in stirred vessels by means of irregular impellers, Physical Review Fluids, Vol:3, ISSN:2469-990X


Alves Portela F, Papadakis, Vassilicos, Scale by scale energy budget in the near wake of a square cylinder, XXIV ICTAM

Alves Portela F, Papadakis G, Vassilicos, Scale-by-scale energy fluxes in anisotropic non-homogeneous turbulence behind a square cylinder, 68th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics

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