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DrJose ElielCamargo-Molina

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Research Associate



+44 (0)20 7594 7833j.camargo-molina




H508Blackett LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





My research aims to contribute to the search for answers to open questions left by the Standard Model of particle physics (SM).

I am mostly interested in two things:

  • Proposing new models and ideas in beyond SM physics that shed light on the origin of the SM’s features and shortcomings.
  • Finding novel approaches for testing new models (whether from my work or otherwise) against the growing amount of results coming from experiment.

I am a developer of Vevacious, a tool to find all the minima (most importantly the global minimum) of the tree level potential, the effect of quantum corrections in the position and depth of the minima and tunneling between physical and unphysical minima. The tunneling between minima is calculated both at zero temperature and non-zero temperature. The latest public version can be found here:

I'm also co-founder of Art & Science Initiative. ASI is an organization for facilitating and participating in interdisciplinary processes where open exploration is encouraged and participants are not expected to have preconceived ideas about the possible outcome. Check it out here




Camargo-Molina JE, Morais AP, Ordell A, et al., 2019, Scale hierarchies, symmetry breaking, and particle spectra in SU(3)-family extended SUSY trinification, Physical Review D, Vol:99, ISSN:2470-0010

Camargo-Molina JE, Cells A, Faroughy DA, 2018, Anomalies in bottom from new physics in top, Physics Letters B, Vol:784, ISSN:0370-2693, Pages:284-293

Camargo-Molina JE, Mandal T, Pasechnik R, et al., 2018, Heavy charged scalars from c(s)over-bar fusion: a generic search strategy applied to a 3HDM with U(1) x U(1) family symmetry, Journal of High Energy Physics, Vol:2018, ISSN:1029-8479, Pages:1-26

Camargo-Molina JE, Morais AP, Ordell A, et al., 2017, Reviving trinification models through an E-6-extended supersymmetric GUT, Physical Review D, Vol:95, ISSN:2470-0010

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