Imperial College London

Jiajun Cen

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Research Postgraduate



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216ACE ExtensionSouth Kensington Campus





INTERESTs/Research Focus

  • Buoyancy driven flow
  • Convective enhanced dissolution: CO2-brine system
  • Reactive flow through porous media

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Gray F, Cen J, Boek ES, 2016, Simulation of dissolution in porous media in three dimensions with lattice Boltzmann, finite-volume, and surface-rescaling methods, Physical Review E, Vol:94, ISSN:2470-0045

Cen J, Motegh M, Appel PW, et al., 2014, Diffusion limitations in stagnant photocatalytic reactors, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol:247, ISSN:1385-8947, Pages:314-319

More Publications