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Dr Jane-Lisa Coughlan is a Senior Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London and leads on two EPSRC funded programmes as part of the National Productivity and Investment fund (NPIF).  The programmes deliver training that support doctoral researchers to demonstrate impact from their research and develop skills, competencies and experience to work effectively and collaboratively with businesses to address the Industrial Challenges.  Formerly, she managed an employer engagement team covering volunteering, mentoring, Santander internships, placements and part-time jobs.  Before that she supervised and graduated PhD students and has over 40 publications as a researcher and lecturer teaching Human-Computer Interaction and Persuasive Design.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Money A, Coughlan J, 2016, Team-taught versus individually taught undergraduate education: a qualitative study of student experiences and preferences, Higher Education, Vol:72, ISSN:0018-1560, Pages:797-811

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