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JamesĀ Freeman

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I am a Research Postgraduate in the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) laboratory in the Department of Chemical Engineeringunder the supervision of Dr Christos Markides and Prof Klaus Hellgardt. My research involves solar-thermal technologies for heating, power and cooling. My PhD project focuses on small-scale solar organic Rankine cycle (Solar-ORC) systems, and is closely linked with other research areas in the CEP group including the design of expanders and working fluids for small-scale ORC applications. In 2015 I undertook an experimental effort to build and test a 1 kW ORC engine in the CEP lab. This system was designed primarily for use with low-temperature (non-concentrating) solar thermal collectors, although more recently it has been adapted for use with exhaust gas flows in waste heat recovery applications. I also have an interest in solar cooling technologies, in particular the diffusion absorption refrigeration (DAR) cycle. Within the CEP group I am currently collaborating on research to adapt a DAR system to operate with low-cost heat pipe solar collectors. You can find out more about my PhD project here.

I received my undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia in 2005, followed by a Masters degree in Renewable Energy from the University of Reading. I then spent two years with UCL working on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project and a further two years as an engineer with the KTP industry partner Max Fordham LLP. I joined Imperial College London in October 2012 to begin my doctoral studies.



Freeman J, Guarracino I, Unamba CK, et al., Developing a test bed for small-scale ORC expanders in waste-heat recovery applications, 3rd Annual Engine ORC Consortium Workshop

Freeman J, Ramos Cabal A, Mac Dowel N, et al., An experimentally validated model of a solar-cooling system based on an ammonia-water diffusion-absorption cycle, The 8th International Conference on Applied Energy – ICAE2016

Ramos Cabal A, Chatzopoulou MA, Guarracino I, et al., Hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar systems for combined heating, cooling and power provision in the urban environment, 4th Sustainable Thermal Energy Management International Conference (SusTEM 2017)

Freeman J, Guarracino I, Kalogirou SA, et al., 2017, A small-scale solar organic Rankine cycle combined heat and power system with integrated thermal energy storage, PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, Pages:1543-1554, ISSN:1359-4311

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