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JamesĀ Freeman

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I am a Research Postgraduate in the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) laboratory in the Department of Chemical Engineeringunder the supervision of Dr Christos Markides and Prof Klaus Hellgardt. My research involves solar-thermal technologies for heating, power and cooling. My PhD project focuses on small-scale solar organic Rankine cycle (Solar-ORC) systems, and is closely linked with other research areas in the CEP group including the design of expanders and working fluids for small-scale ORC applications. In 2015 I undertook an experimental effort to build and test a 1 kW ORC engine in the CEP lab. This system was designed primarily for use with low-temperature (non-concentrating) solar thermal collectors, although more recently it has been adapted for use with exhaust gas flows in waste heat recovery applications. I also have an interest in solar cooling technologies, in particular the diffusion absorption refrigeration (DAR) cycle. Within the CEP group I am currently collaborating on research to adapt a DAR system to operate with low-cost heat pipe solar collectors. You can find out more about my PhD project here.

I received my undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia in 2005, followed by a Masters degree in Renewable Energy from the University of Reading. I then spent two years with UCL working on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project and a further two years as an engineer with the KTP industry partner Max Fordham LLP. I joined Imperial College London in October 2012 to begin my doctoral studies.



Freeman J, Guarracino I, Unamba CK, et al., Developing a test bed for small-scale ORC expanders in waste-heat recovery applications, 3rd Annual Engine ORC Consortium Workshop

Freeman J, Ramos Cabal A, Mac Dowel N, et al., An experimentally validated model of a solar-cooling system based on an ammonia-water diffusion-absorption cycle, The 8th International Conference on Applied Energy – ICAE2016

Freeman JP, Najjaran Kheirabadi A, Edwards R, et al., Testing and simulation of a solar diffusion-absorption refrigeration system for low-cost solar cooling in India, ISES Solar World Congress 2017

Ramos Cabal A, Chatzopoulou MA, Guarracino I, et al., Hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar systems for combined heating, cooling and power provision in the urban environment, 4th Sustainable Thermal Energy Management International Conference (SusTEM 2017)

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