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AB - Contemporary water distribution networks exploitInternet of Things (IoT) technologies to monitor and controlthe behavior of water network assets. Smart meters/sensorand actuator nodes have been used to transfer informationfrom the water network to data centers for further analysis.Due to the underground position of water assets, many watercompanies tend to deploy battery driven nodes which lastbeyond the 10-year mark. This prohibits the use of high-samplerate sensing therefore limiting the knowledge we can obtainfrom the recorder data. To alleviate this problem, efficientdata compression enables high-rate sampling, whilst reducingsignificantly the required storage and bandwidth resourceswithout sacrificing the meaningful information content. Thispaper introduces a novel algorithm which combines the accuracyof standard lossless compression with the efficiencyof a compressive sensing framework. Our method balancesthe tradeoffs of each technique and optimally selects the bestcompression mode by minimizing reconstruction errors, giventhe sensor node battery state. To evaluate our algorithm, realhigh-sample rate water pressure data of over 170 days and 25sensor nodes of our real world large scale testbed was used.The experimental results reveal that our algorithm can reducecommunication around 66% and extend battery life by 46%compared to traditional periodic communication techniques.
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