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Dr Standing is a Senior Lecturer in the Geotechnics Section of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College, having been on the staff since 2002.  Dr Standing teaches Soil Mechanics to second-year undergraduate students and Engineering Geology MSc students.  Also at MSc level he teaches Geotechnical Processes, Partly Saturated Soil Mechanics and Earthworks & Embankments.

He is an active researcher who has supervised a large number of MSc and PhD projects.

He has published numerous papers mostly relating to tunnelling, structural response and monitoring. He has also edited several books.  Dr Standing was previously a visiting professor at the Beijing University of Technology and has lectured widely in China, he retains collaborative links with the Beijing Geotechnical Institute.  He has also ran and taken part in short courses for industry at Imperial and internationally.  He was a member of the Geotechnique Advisory Panel (2006-2008) and is currently on the editorial panel of the Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and a member of the British Geotechnical Association executive committee.

Areas of Expertise:

Tunnelling-induced ground movements, the effects of tunnelling on the urban environment (surface and subsurface structures, services etc.), and in particular piled foundations and existing tunnels, full-scale monitoring of the ground and structures (surveying, instrumentation etc.).  He has an overall interest in problems involving soil-structure he interaction, including soil nailing and reinforced earth and small-scale modelling.  He has also been supervising research into fundamental properties of various soils (residual soils from Malaysia, expansive soils from Sudan, gypsiferous soils from Libya) and partly saturated soil mechanics. 



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