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Jamie Thompson

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Materials

Research Postgraduate



+44 (0)20 7594 5710j.thompson16




062ChemistrySouth Kensington Campus





After completing a Chemistry degree from the University of Southampton, Jamie spent a year working with Dr. Bin Chen at NASA’s Ames Research Centre in Silicon Valley, before partially transitioning over to Xerox PARC in 2016. He began pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Professor James Durrant and Dr Bin Chen in late 2016 as part of a CDT in Advanced Characterization of Materials.

Jamie’s work focuses on characterization and development of materials for performing artificial photosynthesis (conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen and solar fuels), as part of an ongoing collaboration with NASA and PARC. He hopes to develop aspects of printable life support systems for both terrestrial and off-planet applications.



Papadopoulou E, Gale N, Thompson JF, et al., 2016, Specifically horizontally tethered DNA probes on Au surfaces allow labelled and label-free DNA detection using SERS and electrochemically driven melting, Chem. Sci., Vol:7, ISSN:2041-6520, Pages:386-393

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