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2.38BRoyal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus






  • Professor, Imperial College London 2011- date
  • Reader, Imperial College London  2004-2011
  • Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London  2000-2004
  • PhD Marine Geophysics, Cambridge, UK  1984-1988
  • Schlumberger wireline engineer, Italy  1982-1984
  • Field geophysics, Australia  1980-1982
  • BSc Geophysics, Southampton, UK  1980

Recent Measures of Esteem

Member IARC

Member Earth and Planets

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Artemieva N, Morgan J, 2020, Global K-Pg Layer Deposited From a Dust Cloud, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol:47, ISSN:0094-8276

Schaefer B, Grice K, Coolen MJL, et al., 2020, Microbial life in the nascent Chicxulub crater, Geology, Vol:48, ISSN:0091-7613, Pages:328-332

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Hooft EEE, Heath BA, Toomey DR, et al., 2019, Seismic imaging of Santorini: Subsurface constraints on caldera collapse and present-day magma recharge, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol:514, ISSN:0012-821X, Pages:48-61

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Lowery CM, Bralower TJ, Owens JD, et al., 2018, Rapid recovery of life at ground zero of the end-Cretaceous mass extinction, Nature, Vol:558, ISSN:0028-0836, Pages:288-291

Morgan JV, Artemieva N, Expedition 364 Science Party, 2017, Quantifying the release of climate-active gases by large meteorite impacts with a case study of Chicxulub, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol:44, ISSN:0094-8276, Pages:10180-10188

Morgan JV, 2016, The formation of peak rings in large impact craters, Science, Vol:354, ISSN:0036-8075, Pages:878-882

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