Imperial College London

Dr Wilton-Ely

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Reader in Inorganic Chemistry



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601bMolecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus





  • Transition metal functionalised nanoparticles for use in catalysis
  • Catalytic conversion of biomass to platform chemicals in ionic liquids 
  • MRI contrast agents based on multimetallic assemblies and nanoparticles
  • Sensing of carbon monoxide in air and solution
  • Functional multimetallic compounds
  • Sulfur-based ligand systems in catalysis
  • Functionalised thiols for SAM-based nanotechnology applications

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Our research is funded and supported by the The Leverhulme Trust, EPSRC, Climate-KIC, Royal Society, Wellcome Trust and Johnson Matthey plc


Prof. Tony Cass, Chemistry, Imperial College London, Protein engineering for micro-and nano-structured materials and devices, 2011

Prof. Nicholas Long, Chemistry, Imperial College London, Transition metal complexes, medical imaging,, 2012

Prof. Rene Botnar, St Thomas's Hospital (King's College), MRI and cardiovascular imaging, 2014

Prof. Werner van Zyl, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Gold complexes, green chemistry and catalysis, 2013

Dr Massimiliano (Max) Massi, Curtin University, Perth, Photophysics of metal complexes, 2012

Dr Stefano Stagni, University of Bologna, Photophysical properties of transition metal compounds, 2012

Dr Piotr Cyganik, Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, The design of SAMs on gold, 2003

Prof. Ramón Martínez Mañez, Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), Sensing and molecular recognition, 2014

Dr. Silvia Diez-Gonzalez, Chemistry, Imperial College London, Functionalised magnetic nanoparticles for catalysis.

Dr. Jason Hallett, Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, Breakdown and transformation of biomass into platform chemicals using metals in ionic liquids.

Dr. Daren Caruana, University College London, Electron transfer in functionalised peptides

Dr Katherine Holt, University College London, Electrochemistry of multimetallic complexes

Prof Manfred Buck, University of St. Andrews, Functionalised thiols for SAM fabrication

Dr Fernando Bresme, Physics, Imperial College London, Computational studies on binding of surface units to nanoparticles

Dr Lionel Delaude, University of Liege, Complexes of dithiocarboxylates based on carbenes

Prof Jenny Green, University of Oxford, Computational studies on organometallic compounds

Dr Graeme Hogarth, University College London, Dithiocarbamate-based multimetallic assemblies

Guest Lectures

Sensing and imaging: from single metal systems to multimetallics and nanoparticles, Plenary lecture at the VIII International Workshop on Sensors and Molecular Recognition, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain, 2014

RSC Frankland Symposium: Multimetallic compounds and functionalised nanoparticles for applications in catalysis and sensing, Imperial College, London, 2014

The breakdown of biomass to platform chemicals, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M), Chennai, 2013

Nanoparticles functionalised for catalysis, St. Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, 2013

Multimetallic compounds and functionalised nanoparticles for catalysis and sensing, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B), Mumbai, 2013

Research Student Supervision

Robson,J, PhD in Sensing of CO in living cells

Anuar Jantan,K, PhD in Multimetallic materials and functionalised nanoparticles

McArdle,J, PhD in Multimetallic materials and functionalised nanoparticles

Toscani,A, PhD in Sensing of CO in air

Filippousi,P, PhD in Biomass transformation

Hurtubise,V, MRes: Multimetallic materials and functionalised nanoparticles

Wainwright,L, MRes: Multimetallic materials and functionalised nanoparticles for MRI

Ashton-Griffiths,A, MRes: Dithiocarbamate functionalised nanoparticles for PET

Sherwood,R, MRes: Multimetallic materials and functionalised nanoparticles

Isayama,Y, MRes: Nanoparticles for applications in MRI

Azman,H, PhD in Bioremediation using ionic liquids

Eminov,S, PhD in Breakdown and transformation of biomass

Collinson,J, PhD in Copper NHC catalysts supported on nanoparticles

Naeem,S, PhD in Multimetallic materials and functionalised nanoparticles