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Dr Jacek Pawlak is a Research Associate at Imperial College London. His background is in Economics and Geography (UCL), and Transport Studies (Imperial College and UCL). In 2014 he completed his doctoral research on modelling the interactions Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and travel behaviour from micro, macro (cross-national), and temporal perspectives, under joint supervision of Prof. John Polak, Prof. David Gann, and Dr. Aruna Sivakumar.

Cross-national Modelling of the Relationships between ICT and Travel Behaviour

Dr Pawlak has been involved in various research exploring the role of ICT in transport and urban systems, including time use research, multitasking and travel time activities, as well as valuation of travel time savings. He has also been involved in teaching on travel demand modelling, microeconomics and quantitative methods at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London.

Since April 2014, he has co-operated closely with Cisco Collaborative Research and Emerging Technologies (CREATE) on multiple proof-of-concept and prototyping projects in the area of connectivity and transport systems operation, and involving various academic, industrial, and public stakeholders. In addition, since August 2014, he has joined cross-departmental EPSRC-funded Digital City Exchange project at Imperial College. Outside academia, Dr Pawlak is a passionate sailor, traveller, tour guide, and HAM radio operator.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zhao Y, Pawlak J, Polak J, 2017, Inverse Discrete Choice Modelling (IDCM): Theoretical and Practical Considerations for Imputing Respondent Attributes from the Patterns of Observed Choices, Transportation Planning and Technology, Vol:41, ISSN:0308-1060, Pages:58-79

Pawlak J, Polak JW, Sivakumar A, 2017, A framework for joint modelling of activity choice, duration, and productivity while travelling, Transportation Research Part B - Methodological, ISSN:0191-2615

Bris M, Pawlak J, Polak JW, 2017, How is ICT use linked to household transport expenditure? A cross-national macro analysis of the influence of home broadband access, Journal of Transport Geography, Vol:60, ISSN:0966-6923, Pages:231-242

Pawlak J, Polak JW, Sivakumar A, 2015, Towards a microeconomic framework for modelling the joint choice of activity-travel behaviour and ICT use, Transportation Research Part A - Policy and Practice, Vol:76, ISSN:0965-8564, Pages:92-112


Pawlak J, Polak, J, et al., 2015, Investigating Diffusion of Relationships between ICT and Travel Behaviour by Pooling Independent Cross-sectional Data across Time, 94th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board


Pawlak J, Le Vine S, Polak J, et al., 2015, ICT and Physical Mobility – State of Knowledge and Future Outlook, ICT and Physical Mobility – State of Knowledge and Future Outlook, Munich, Institute for Mobility Research ifmo: A Research Facility of the BMW Group

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