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I established my research group at Imperial College London in 2010 within the Centre of Complement and Inflammation Research, Division of Immunology and inflammation.

The group received funding from the Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust and Kidney Research UK. Our main interest in to understand genetic variation that controls macrophage function and to establish the link between genome-macrophage function-complex disorders. We use animal models (rats and mice) of inflammatory kidney disease, wound healing and fibrosis and apply systems-genetics approaches to investigate the effect of germline sequence variation on macrophage plasticity. In addition, our recent approaches pointed towards the importance of macrophage metabolism in inflammatory disease.

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Our main external collaborators are Dr Enrico Petretto at Duke-NUS, Singapore (; Professor David Abraham at University College London (

In addition, we work closely with the Molecular Endocrinology Group at Imperial College London (Profs Graham Williams and Duncan Bassett) as part of an OBCD collaborator (



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