Imperial College London

James Holland Jones

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences (Silwood Park)

Senior Scientist, Grand Challenges in Ecosystems&Environment



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Centre for Population BiologySilwood Park





I am a biological anthropologist with primary research interests in evolutionary demography and life history theory. Complementary to these interests, I work at the intersection of disease ecology, the analysis of dynamical systems, and social networks. My work combines the formalisms of population biology, statistics, and social network analysis to address fundamental problems in biodemography, epidemiology, and human decision-making in variable environments.

Some Current and Recent Projects:

  • The evolution of "economic" preferences under ecological uncertainty
  • Climate change, livelihood adaptation, and gonorrhea transmission dynamics in Namibia
  • Problems of sampling and missing data in ethnographic networks
  • Scale-up of egocentric network data
  • Human dimensions of primate retroviral spillover in western Uganda
  • Risk networks associated with poultry production in Bangladesh
  • The properties of sexual networks and their consequences for epidemic threshold behavior of STIs
  • Demography of residential mobility among Hadza hunter-gatherers in Tanzania
  • Risk and hunting decisions of Martu hunters
  • The integration of formal demography, life history theory, and economic theory